The Platform SBM


The Technology

Space analysis.
Analysing the space in real time 24/7 sending information to a Cloud

Intelligent lighting.
The amount of light when and where necessary,
Connecting or disconnecting equipment’s according rules and local needs

Power metering, management and monitoring.
Metering and monitoring consumption of each equipment or place

Building Safety & Comfort.
With the analyze in real time, maintain informed about new events or abnormalities
according conform & safety rules and other local needs

Water management
Uses an IoT Platform to efficiently manage water uses
Reduces scarcity events impact through smart predictive management of water consumption
All activities supported by machine learning models
Water storage and distribution management  according to consumption needs

IsGreen Technology improves lighting efficiency in buildings without compromising users comfort.
A smart devices platform supported by a dynamic cloud learns users daily routines and adapts lighting to their needs.
Companies Savings ROI (y)
Office buildings    65% 1,80
Government buildings    69% 2,50
Public libraries    79% 2,33
Sport facilities    67% 2,56
Underground parks    80% 2,47
Warehouses    65% 1,38
Swimming pools    55% 2,98
Schools    65% 1,98

Wireless by RF 868 MHz and 2,4 GHz embedded
Dimming control Comfort and additional savings
Intelligent daylight Automatic adjust with business rules
Space analyzer The right amount of light when and where needed
Power metering Pulse, ModBUS or Software
Battery Optional
Control Pc, Smarphone, iPAD


Light just when and where needed” guarantees energy savings in buildings.
IsGreen Technology continuously monitors the environment to figure out the amount of lighting better fitted to users needs and controls any kind of lamp to provide it.

if LIGHT < 20% and TIME > 20:00 turn-on LUMINAIRE 1
if TIME > 9:00 turn-on LIGHT at comfort 30%
if MOVEMENT > 10% and NOISE > 33% turn-on GROUP 3
if TIME PERIOD 1 turn-on LIGHT at Comfort 20%



if LIGHT < 20% and TIME > 20:00 turn-on LUMINAIRE 1
if TIME > 9:00 turn-on LIGHT at comfort 30%
if TEMPERATURE < 17º turn-on PLUG 1 If MOVEMENT > 10% and TEMP. < 16º turn-on PLUG 3
If TIME SLOT 1 turn-on LIGHT at Comforto 20%

if TIME > 21:00 turn-on LUMINAIRE 3
if TIME > 04:00 turn-off LUMINAIRE 3
if NOISE > 10% at MAIN ENTRANCE turn-on LUMINAIRES 1,2,3
if NOISE > 5% and TIME > 23:00 turn-on PLUG 6
if NOISE and MOVEMENT > 20% turn-on PLUG 4 and send WARNING to APP*

Real time observation and analysis of the way space is used is absolutely essential to manage lighting and always provide the right amount.
To know if the space is occupied, how many people are present, how they move around, existing daylight, temperature and noise is important to understand how people use it.
IsGreen cloud makes possible instantly historic comparisons for a place and benchmarks with other places.
The built-in features for space and time analysis can handle large data sets in a zip.